Genius Hour Post # 6

I can’t believe the time has finally come but this will be my 6th and last Genius Hour post. This project has been a focus of mine for the past few months. Over the course of the semester I’ve learned a ton researching and designing this project. Now it’s time to really tie it all together and present it. It’s also time to outline how this project will continue going forward.

In terms of presenting this project, it really needs to be used in a classroom setting. I believe it would be a great yearlong part of a high school business class. I would love to present this type of project to a high school and show them the benefits learning about finances can have for young students. It would be particularly beneficial for students who are interested in the business world. Having students in a business class that are eager to learn about business topics such as personal finance will make the project even more effective as the students will be interested and eager to learn.

In my research of the project I’ve found there are a few important topics that really encompass what you need to know about personal finance. The classroom project and teaching would revolve around these concepts. First is to start saving early. The students would be taught the importance of saving early and the positive impacts it can have. To truly illustrate this, the teacher will have the students conduct time value of money projects which show the power of accumulating interest. Secondly, diversifying your portfolio is extremely important. For this the students will learn different diversifying strategies and learn the importance and impact diversification has. Lastly, the concept of making a sound investment strategy and sticking to it will be stressed to the students. To reinforce this, the students will participate in an online competition where they will receive fake money to invest in stocks. This semester long project will illustrate how volatile the stock market is and show them that the average individual will lose money if they are constantly buying and trading stocks. Sticking to your strategy and leaving your portfolio alone is the best strategy for accumulating wealth with your investment.

This project should be fun for the students. In our business class in high school we did a similar stock market project where we invested money. However, we were not very well supervised and were not instructed on investing strategy. We really didn’t gain anything from the project or the class as a whole. Hopefully when incorporating the strategy I have presented and hammering home the 3 core concepts of personal finance I presented, students will walk away with a strong grasp of how they can effectively invest and save for their future. Thank you for reading my blog and hope you enjoyed.

Genius Hour Post # 6