Genius Hour Post #3

For my genius hour project I have continued to research about my project. Recently I have found 5 sources of information. These sources consisted of several peer reviewed articles, websites and a book. The information I uncovered will greatly aid me going forward with my genius hour project. It’s given me some new ideas and definitely has expanded my knowledge on financial strategy and smart ways to invest. All of it is great info that I will be able to pass along to my students through my genius hour project.

Three of my sources are different chapters in “A Beginner’s Guide to Investing” by Alex H. Frey. This book is a great read for anyone looking to learn more about investing their own money. I discovered this book through one of my accounting professors who recommended it to me. Reading it, I found it was very easy to understand and put everything into simple, easy to understand terms. The whole time I read it I thought it would be great to use for my project because High School aged students would be able to read and understand the content it presents. The 3 chapters I chose as sources were chapter 1: How to double your money every 7 years. Chapter 2: Laying a solid investment and chapter 9: Putting it into practice. I chose these 3 chapters because they give a great outline on how to invest money and some of the benefits to it. Chapters 1 and 2 give a great introduction to saving and investing money. They illustrate the power of compounding interests and go into some of the principles and strategies of investing money. I chose chapter 9 because it gets into the practical aspects of investing. Chapter 9 describes the actual practice of investing and what accounts to allocate which assets into for maximum effect.

My 4th source is a website, This website is full of incredible investing information. First off I found this site through the use of Galileo, a research data base. I filtered under business & finance and then went to the link for this site under “More Databases.” Zack’s is a website designed to put lots of investment research in one central location. Zack’s is run by investment brokers and experts. It has links that give information about any company that sells stock in the market, information about stocks Zack’s brokers and experts recommend and much, much more. Upon finding this site, I felt it was perfect for my project. It is easy to use and gives tons of information my students could use to research stocks, learn about different account types you can invest in, personal finance information, as well as designing and maintaining a portfolio.

My last source is an article from the street, “How to Invest- Basic Investing Strategy.” This article does a great job of laying out investing strategies that are easy to put into practice. I found this source by going through the website. Thestreet is a website one of my past finance professors recommended as a source for investing information. I looked through the site and searched “basic investing strategy” which brought me to this article. The article goes over the goals of investing, different ways to invest and how to diversify your assets to protect your investment. This article would be great for my students as an introduction to investing and outlines for them strategies they can use to invest their money.

My research has been great and will really help me with my genius hour project moving forward. I found some great ways to explain the power of compounding interest, learned several new investing strategies, and found out how to allocate and diversify different assets. All of this will be great to pass along to my students through this genius hour project.


DeFeo, J. (2012, October 31). How to Invest – Basic Investing Strategies. Retrieved October 15, 2015.

Frey, A. (2013). A beginner’s guide to investing: How to grow your money the smart and easy way. Ivy Publications LLC.

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Genius Hour Post #3

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