Genius Hour Post #2

Since my first post I’ve been doing some additional research into my topic as well as looking at other students Genius Hour projects. The other students projects range all over the place in terms of subject matter. Some students want to help kids find their way through sports, while others want to help students eat healthier. These topics and many others are vastly different from my topic in terms of subject matter, however, they all tie together in that they are all focused on teaching young students valuable life-skills/lessons.They also are similar to my topic in that they use technology and hands on creative learning techniques to teach the students.

In addition to the other projects, several students had topics very similar to mine. Eshan’s project is very similar to mine in that he wants to teach younger students to be financially savvy. Also, Al-Ameen wants to teach kids about professionalism and the technology they can use to do that. This topic as well as Eshan’s are similar to my project of helping kids become smarter financially. All three of us have the goal of helping students gain financial/professional skills now that will help them down the road.

I have also conducted some research on the internet and on twitter to aid in my project. Several twitter pages that would be good for students to follow for my genius hour project are @WSJ, @MikeBloomberg and @Forbes. All of these post very important information on world events and financial topics. Paying attention to the things they post is a very important part of investing. In addition I found a great book that I’ve been reading on investing that I will expand upon in my next blog post. Lastly, I have also found several interactive websites that will enable students to manage a stock portfolio as well as play around with interest rates and saving for the future which I will also detail further in blog posts to come. Stay tuned to my blog for the next update on my genius hour project.

Genius Hour Post #2

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